Make It Monday #64 – Colors

April 30, 2012

Well, it’s not everyday that I know what I want to do right after I see a technique video or what not. I saw the color inspiration pictures and the video for Make It Monday from Nichole Heady and I wanted to use the Guidelines stamp set again.

These are the colors that I tried to follow:

Another attempt with Guidelines stamp set, but at an angle.  Honestly, I would’ve never thought of using these colors together!

Gratitude Pattern

Gratitude Pattern - Close Up

Used: Papertrey Ink (White cardstock, Guidelines stamp set, Beautiful Butterflies stamp set, Simply Chartreuse ink, Berry Sorbet ink, Spring Rain ink, True Black ink) | Stampin’ Up (Hawaiian Shores ink, dimensionals) | Jenni Bowlin (Malted Milk ink) | Others (rinestones)


18 Responses to “Make It Monday #64 – Colors”

  1. Pauline Says:

    Fabulous card, a great mix of colours and I love these graphic designs!

  2. laurafadora Says:

    Wow! Fabulous card!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing card!

  4. patq3266 Says:

    Great card. Love your idea.

  5. Wonderful and very different card! Love the mix of pattern and the strong diagonal is super!

  6. June K Says:

    SO pretty, Pamela. I love the diagonal design.

  7. Leigh Penner Says:

    Ooh, this is so cool! I love it!

  8. Wonderful arrangement of images and colours.

  9. Aimes Says:

    What a fab card! Way to work not only those colours, but the guidelines set at an angle too!

  10. Marcie Rhys Says:

    Just a stunning card. Those colors for the challenge did not catch my eye right away, but the way you have put them together is genius. Your checkerboard is composed with blue motifs interleaved with the red and green complimentary squares, a combo that would have never occurred in my orderly (read ‘stuck’) brain. You have inspired me to use the Guidelines set (one of my favs) in new layouts and color combos. Thank you so much for sharing this great card!

  11. I love your color choice AND the diagonal design! Super card!

  12. Kristen :-) Says:

    I love the design of this card and I can TOTALLY appreciate the work that went into lining those stamps up! executed perfectly! I think the colors are great together too!

  13. vhilchey Says:

    Love your card. It has such a great design using stamps and sentiment on an angle.

  14. Mariana Says:

    Awesome card!

  15. quip1320 Says:

    I LOVE this card! It really pulled me in from the group of cards and I couldn’t stop being drawn to it. I think you may have made me add a stamp set to my wish list! Uh oh!

  16. Kara Says:

    very pretty!

  17. marybeth L. Says:

    Beautiful stamped card. Love the design you came up with, so creative!

  18. CarrieP Says:

    What a striking card – great job!!

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