Stamping Royalty Blog Hop

July 19, 2013

I am super excited to be part of this special blog hop today. All 15 of us have put together a fun event for all of you.  You should have arrived from Emily Leiphart‘s blog.

We decided to make cards using the 5 categories of the Stamping Royalty contest: Birthday, Thanks, Love, Christmas and Hello/Thinking of You.

I decided to make my card for the category Love and CASEd my Stamping Royalty winning card. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal my winning card yet, but you will see it in the November/December 2013 issue of Papercrafts Magazine. It’s only 5 more months to go 😉

Stamping Royalty Blog Hop

Now you’re off to the next stop to Amy Kolling’s blog! If you do get lost along the way, here is the list of all the designers participating in the hop!

Natasha Kara
Lalo Ik
Courtney Kelley
Katie Gehring
Jennifer Rzasa
Jean Martin
Alicia Thelin
Sarah J. Moerman
Joni Andaya
Nina Yang
Emily Leiphart
Pamela Ho <– you are here!
Amy Kolling
Ilina Crouse
Shelly Kurth


Now for the giveaway details!  Comment on the blog of each designer for a chance to win some stamps from our Stamping Royalty prize!  Comments close on July 23 11:59pm (EST) and winner will be announced on July 24.



89 Responses to “Stamping Royalty Blog Hop”

  1. Shelly K Says:

    Such a sweet card!! 🙂

  2. Lorena Says:

    What a gorgeous stamping, Pamela!

  3. I love these ombre hearts….swoon!

  4. June K Says:

    Adorable card, Pamela.

  5. Oh, what a tease, Pamela! I can’t wait to see your card that you case’d … what a stunner here!

  6. karen k Says:

    Great card, love the ombre hearts background. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow… a beautiful card!
    Congrats-can’t wait to see the Nov/Dec issue!

  8. Aww….This is so sweet n lovely card..loved the little hearts all over n the ombre effect…!!

  9. Aileen Says:

    Ohh I do so love hearts and just love the way you did the card. Will have to get that stamp set. Thanks for sharing

  10. Donna Cala Says:

    Love, love, love the ombre hearts.

  11. Jingle Says:

    This is so super cute! What a great card!

  12. Jean Martin Says:

    Adorable card!!!!

  13. Emily H Says:

    This is so totally incredible!

  14. Wow, that’s a lot of hearts! Simply stunning!

  15. Colleen Says:

    Your card is so cute, thanks for sharing it.

  16. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Your heart stamping is amazing! Gorgeous!

  17. scrappya Says:

    How stinking darling is this?! Congrats on the win… so glad to be along side of you!

  18. Dana D. Says:

    Your card is so cute. How much fun for the receiver to get this. Love the colors.

  19. Laura Jane Says:

    yes, anxiously waiting to see that issue!
    LOVE your heart card.
    Congrats on your win:)

  20. lisa808 Says:

    Congratulations! Cute and fun card.

  21. Kailash Says:

    Your card is so sweet, love the stamping!!

  22. Joni Says:

    A love card..so loving it Pamela 🙂

  23. Virginia Lu Says:

    SWOON! How could you not be Stamping Royalty!! This card is another stand out!! HUGE congrats on your SR win! Well-deserved!

  24. Petti Says:

    Love this card!

  25. Lea Lawson Says:

    Cute! Lovin’ the ombre hearts!!

  26. Peggy B Says:

    Your stamping is amazing – well done!

  27. Wow Pamela! This card is just WOW! Love the ombre hearts and that adorable sentiment! Simply superb!

  28. Kim Howard Says:

    Pretty card, love the hearts.

  29. katie brooks Says:

    yeah for you and what a fabulous card!!!!!!!!!

  30. Tricia Says:

    Such a sweet card, Pamela!

  31. Bernice J Says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful and fun card! I love hearts! And congratulations on your win!

  32. Cindi L. Says:

    The ombre stamping is fun!

  33. Tammy Nyenhuis Says:

    Adorable card, thanks for the inspiration!

  34. I love the ombre look on the hearts, so beautiful

  35. nhorby Says:

    I LOVE how you stamped this card…LOVE it!

  36. stampnk Says:

    so fun and so colorful! I love this sweet card.

  37. Joyce M. Says:

    This is just too sweet.

  38. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    So cute…love the way the hearts are in a gradient and are cascading down.

  39. Lindsey Says:

    What a fabulous job on the background stamping! Such a pretty card.

  40. Very cute card. I do like how the background is the main focus except one word. Great job and congrats.

  41. Laura Baylay Says:

    Love the card, simple and beautiful.

  42. Oooooooooh I love your card! I so need to CASE this … Hope you don’t mind. Had a visit around your blog! Love your style … Congrats you deserve to be declared royalty!

  43. deckle57 Says:

    Fantastic card Pamela! Love the colours! 🙂

  44. Sue D Says:

    Very cute–i like the gradient of colorful hearts.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  45. Janis in ID Says:

    Sensational card!! Love it soooo much. Congrats on being selected as Stamping Royalty and thank you for letting us celebrate with you by offering blog candy!!
    ❤ J

  46. Such a sweet card with all the little hearts in the ombre pattern. I’m looking forward to the Nov/Dec PC issue too. Congrats on being crowned!

  47. kimheggins Says:

    Wow…fabulous card! Congrats on your new title too.

  48. Carol B Says:

    Congratulations on being named “Royalty” and thanks for all the inspiration!

    Carol B

  49. Pai Says:

    This is a great card! congrats on being stamping royalty!

  50. Natasha Says:

    Seriously? How super cool is this? I LOVE the ombré look.

  51. Lisa Norstrom Says:

    Wow that’s a lot of hearts!!!! Cute card!

  52. Barb Housner Says:

    love the colors – that is lots of stamping – thanks for sharing

    Barb Housner

  53. annheidel Says:

    Cute! I love how you did ombre with the hearts.

  54. “Smooches”. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  55. Leslie Tylus Says:

    Ah, what a sweet card. i can just feel the “smooches”.

  56. Congrats on your stamping royalty title! Love you card; such a neat background Thanks for a chance to win the prizes!

  57. lucyschmidt Says:

    Love the ombre hearts! Congrats on your new title and crown. Well deserved!

  58. Karen Rice Says:

    I can’t tell you how beautifully this card turned out! I love that just one stamp was used to create the background! Congrats on winning the new title and crown!

  59. Susan S. Says:

    I like the gradiation of the colors. It’s simple, yet striking.

  60. beautiful shading! I love the hombre effect

  61. shartl Says:

    This is so cute and what a clever way to use all those hearts!

  62. JanLee Says:

    A lot of stamping! Lots of work and it is so cute! Congrats on your win.

  63. Carol Wilson Says:


  64. Cindy C. Says:

    How fun and sweet!! Congrats on your win!

  65. Cynthia Rose Says:

    Great stamping your ombre hearts.

  66. Helen G. Says:

    What a cool ombre heart stamp and SUPER CUTE! Love the sentiment stamp, too! Congratulations on winning the Stamping Royalty 🙂

  67. Barbara Escalante Says:

    I love the ombre effect on the card.

  68. Lynne in NI Says:

    Beautiful card! I love your graduating colour theme 🙂

  69. Jen Carter Says:

    This is so adorable! Love the ombre!

  70. This is so cute! I just love the color changes all the way up the card!

  71. bearsmother Says:

    I had to smile when I saw this card. So cute. Great card to send to someone you love.

  72. Mimi Says:

    Cute card! Love all of those hearts!

  73. chark Says:

    great design and beautifully done!

  74. sandi h Says:

    great job!

  75. Amy C. Says:

    How cute! Love your creation! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Congrats on being one of the 2013 stamping royalty and for your December publication as well … delightful card creation! Thanks for sharing!

  77. Heather Says:

    Love the card and congratulations on the win. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize. 🙂

  78. Congrats on your win!! What a fab card– loooooooooooove the ombre effect! That’s A LOT of stamping:) LOVE! THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  79. Gabby Nordstrom North Says:

    Congrats on the Nov/dec issue…only 5 months away…YIKES! The card you made is so über cute!! You deserve the royalty status!!

  80. Kathy Mc Says:

    Pamela, congrats on being named to the 2013 Stamping Royalty! Hmm, only 5 months to wait, huh? I know it will be worth the wait. Your “Smooches” card is so cute with the ombre hearts. Fun Blog Hop!

  81. jengd Says:

    Cute card- wonderfully simply but it packs a punch! Congrats!

  82. Lorraine Says:

    Congratulations, Pamela! Your precision is impeccable, and your design style is always beautiful.

  83. Mandy Says:

    Congrats on being stamping royalty! Your creation is so inspiring, thank you !

  84. congrats on being one in stamping royalty. loved the ombre effect you created. so nice, iam your new follower by email

  85. Angie Hall Says:

    Love the rainbow effect hearts. Cute card. Congrats and thanks

  86. “LOVE” this card! So cute.

  87. Valerie Says:

    That card is so sweet!!!

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