Runway Inspired Challenge #41

August 5, 2013

Hello Runway Inspired!!!!  We’re back this time with a wonderful sponsor: Penny Black!  I’ve always loved their adorable clear stamps especially their Mimi line!


RIC-41source: style.com

I used this fun Guess Hoo stamp from Penny Black to create a fun background for my speech bubble to go on top. I really liked the scattering of the red and pink flowers over her dress, so I mimicked that using the large hearts from their stamp set.

Guess Hoo Likes You?Aga (on Maternity) | Jen | Laura | Nina | Tasnim | Virginia | Wida

Play along this week as we have three stamps up for grabs from our wonderful sponsor Penny Black!


9 Responses to “Runway Inspired Challenge #41”

  1. Lynn G. Says:

    nice card – good colour match ( love the bling ) . Thank you for sharing .

  2. Harriet Says:

    The balance and color of your card is really great. Thanks

  3. beaumama Says:

    Excellent and fun card.

  4. Such a fun take on the pic!! So enjoying your card!

  5. Tasnim Says:

    I just LOVE your scattered hearts, sequins and blings! Look SO good!

  6. Marlena M Says:

    I LOVE THIS~so fun!

  7. Such a fun take on the challenge. Love it!

  8. clever and well designed. it’s a fabulous card!

  9. Lindsey L Says:

    I love this card. It made me chuckle, which is always a good thing. Love all the little embellishments.

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