Handmade Cards Week: Metal, Wood, Cork

September 21, 2013

So I have a stack of business-card sized wood veneer sheets at home. My mom loves them. Me? Not so much. Until I had this crazy idea with the Memory Box Country Landscape die that I recently purchased.

Now you have to know that not every one of my cards come together easily. Many bloopers just don’t make it to the screen. For this card, I must have wasted 3-4 sheets of wood veneer. Trees were falling off, the frame was cracking… it’s all part of working with wood veneer sheets.

Hello - WIP

Here is the finished card. Looks simple. Was supposed to be simple. But the partial cutting took some trials and errors.


I love framed country landscape. To make it more mail-friendly, (ie – wood not cracking when mailed) I adhered a lot of foam tape underneath so it wouldn’t be crushed so easily.

Hello - Close Up

This card will be entered into Moxie Fab World’s Metal, Wood & Cork Challenge.


17 Responses to “Handmade Cards Week: Metal, Wood, Cork”

  1. Fabulous card, Pamela! All the trouble make the end result so worth it.

  2. Cris G. Says:

    Just love it, Pamela. A lot! I have a huge crush for wood in every possible way :), and for me your card is a winner already!

  3. Taheerah Says:

    *thud* Totally amazing Pamela! I’m so happy you stuck with it to make this card – the end result is stunning and so worth it!

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog post. Truly touched by your kind words.

  4. Lindsay A. Says:

    Awesome Pamela! Seriously, I love the clean look of white cardstock with wood veneer.

  5. So completely awesome, Pamela!! That die is perfect for wood veneer! Love that you shared your in-process work too.

  6. Anni Says:

    So worth the trouble!
    Absolutly stunning!

  7. Darnell Says:

    This is CASlicious perfection, Pamela! I’m amazed that you were able to cut that veneer with that die! Genius!! Darnell

  8. Shannon J Says:

    I am in LOVE with this card!! Something about wood veneers that get me all the time – and I love what you did with it – even if it took a few do-overs ( I end up with a LOT of those!!) – SO worth!!!

  9. This is SO awesome! I have some of that same veneer and have been wondering how die cutting it would go. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Jen W. Says:

    This is AWESOME! So glad you kept at it and didn’t give up – it was worth the broken and cracked attempts! 😀

  11. c Says:

    Wow, Pamela – LOVE your country landscape, and so glad you persevered despite the challenge it caused you! The result is fabulous! Speaking of fabulous: thank you for your warm comment on my PS SPARKS entry! I know I still have lots to learn in this crafting world, but I’m delighted that you took time to comment on my ‘attempt’! Spirits uplifted for sure!

  12. Laura Says:

    Amazing! I’m still trying to figure out how you did this! Looks awesome!

  13. Joni Says:

    What cool way to incorporated it to you card…Love how you made that wood veneer 🙂

  14. Cath Says:

    Hey Pamela! Thanks for linking this up to the Metal, Cork, & Wood Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

  15. jenny Martin Says:

    This is definitely a winner! How did you do the partial cutting? I can’t imagine how you’d do it without cutting the die! I’ve been wasting lots of balsa wood too – it is so delicate but looks fantastic!
    Huge congrats on being Moxie Fabber of the week!

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