Runway Inspired Challenge #45

September 30, 2013

Hello October!!!!  Runway Inspired is back with one of my favorite photo!


RIC-45source: style.com

It’s pretty easy to see where my inspiration for my card came from.  I love the black and white stripes down one side and rainbow stripes on the other side.

I stamped the stripes starting on the left and alternate the stripes from black and rainbow.

You Are Simply Amazing

Aga | Jen | Joni | Nina | Tasnim | Virginia | Wida

Play along this week for a chance to win three classes to Online Card Classes!



10 Responses to “Runway Inspired Challenge #45”

  1. So very cool! And aren’t YOU simply amazing? 😉

  2. Tasnim Says:

    This card is awesome!! Love love love it!

  3. taheerah Says:

    I think this one is my favourite take from the challenge!! Love those simple stripes and their beyond-perfect placement!!

  4. Your take on this challenge is just amazing… love it!!

  5. laurafadora Says:

    Forgot to tell you how much I love love love this card! Perfection! Annnnnd your new blog got an awesome makeover! It’s so you…love it!

  6. oh I adore the makeover!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is perfect. AND this card, this card is part of why I was such a RIC mess this time. the design is so genius. I have such a blog crush on you!

  7. Joni Says:

    Hi Pamela….loving your new blog! Oh and your card is so perfect!

  8. Jenny Martin Says:

    Absolutely perfect!

  9. mich3ll3w Says:

    I love this card, Pamela! The offset lines with the contrast of black and white with colour is awesome!

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