Tis the Season!

December 9, 2013

Apparently I’m faster with making Christmas cards than using them up this year. I somehow managed to finish 4 Christmas card designs in 1 day, which is a pretty big achievement for me. A typical crafty afternoon will get me 1-2 cards.

Prepare for a heavy image post.

A simple card for my aunt in Hong Kong. I am crazy for distress ink blending!

Holiday Cheer

Another simple card for grandma in Hong Kong. More distress ink blending!

Merry Christmas

I wanted to try something non-traditional and made a colourful Christmas card.

Merry &Bright

Then I went crazy with my blender and my favorite Memento ink. Love the blue and purple!

Be Jolly

I couldn’t stop with just 1 blending card, so I made another one. Lots of enamel dots sacrificed for this card.

Christmas Lights

A very simple card to finish the crafty afternoon.  A very simple card using the solid triangle as a Christmas tree and the letter “I” for tree trunks.

Christmas Trees



15 Responses to “Tis the Season!”

  1. flubidoo Says:

    Beautiful blending technique on all your cards Pamela…loving the blue and purple too!

  2. Phi Says:

    Love your blending cards, especially the ones with the stary night sky.

  3. These are so gorgeous! Love the way you blend and stickle. 😉

  4. Ginny Says:

    These cards are awesome!! Love every single one!!

  5. laurafadora Says:

    You are a machine! Wow! Too much goodness for one post!

  6. Wow, not sure if I’m more impressed that you made all of these in one day, or that you send unique cards to everyone! That blue/black sky is killer!!

  7. Susan Slepski Says:

    Love all of these…nice job!

  8. Anni Says:

    Great use of the stamp sets!
    Love all the enamel dots you used for chrstmas lights!

  9. Chunyuan Says:

    so many amazing projects in one post!

  10. Shannonn J Says:

    Just amazing Pamela, just AMAZING!! (you, and the cards!)

  11. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    WOW i love this picture heavy post…your cards are so amazing!

  12. Lindsay A. Says:

    Every one of these is stellar, Pamela! I LOVE them ALL!!!

  13. Virginia Lu Says:

    You are a LEAN MEAN brilliant card-making machine. That. is. all. (ps: can’t decide which card I like better. Love them all…you ink-blending is SUPERB..can you see why I am so addicted to distress inks?)

  14. Cris G. Says:

    WOW! You’ve been busy, Pamela. So many gorgeous cards at once. I love them all, but those snowy night skies kill me…

  15. taheerah Says:

    *thud* Each of these more stunning than the next!! You are ink blending: level expert!!

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