Project Life – Week 4

January 26, 2014

I’m here to share my Project Life Week 4 for 2014.  I’m starting to be a bit more colourful this year instead of using 2-3 colours each week.  I’m also making my own Project Life cards with the blank grid cards.


I’ve also started something new this year – stamp carving! I’m carving my own stamps and I love using it on my PL spreads.

Here’s the left side of the spread with some of the stamps that I carved out from erasers.


A close up of my own stamps.


And happy mail from Studio Calico!


Here is the right side of the spread. I used a mini stapler and stapled a photo on top of another.


A close up of the tiny (green!) staples. I don’t have a Tim Holtz attacher but I found that my mini Muji stapler is very similar. Plus I have lots of coloured staples I can use!


Sorry for the long and photo-heavy post!
Back to work tomorrow!


10 Responses to “Project Life – Week 4”

  1. Seriously, your hand-carved stamps are amazing!! I thought you were talking about the script stamps, not the people ones, until I looked at the pictures! Awesome, Pamela!

  2. tina f. Says:

    I love love love the bright colors! Stamp carving looks so fun. The stamps you made are awesome 🙂

  3. Lorraine Says:

    You are such an talented designer! Stamp carving?!? Amazing.

  4. Shannonn J Says:

    Wait, what?!!! You carved those stamps!!! WOW, Pamela, you are beyond talented!! Fab PL and you are so up to date – I really need to stop talking about getting on that band wagon and actually do it!!

  5. jaygeesnook Says:

    Your PL layout is amazing, love the fun colours and your hand carved stamps are incredible!

  6. Shannonn J Says:

    Hey Pamela! YES, we should definitely get together! Maybe send me an email when you can and we can plan for something – ssjones925@gmail.com
    ps…I’m not sure if you have been getting the emails I’ve sent you in response to some of the comments/questions you left on my blog over the last little while. I *just* noticed now that I’ve been sending messages to a “no reply” address – duh!! Hopefully you got them, but if not I can go back and re-send them 😉 !!!

  7. Virginia L. Says:

    Your PL pageslook AWESOME!! I can in awe of your stamp-carving! The images are are SO cute! You are amazing, Pamela!

  8. Virginia L. Says:

    Your PL pages look AWESOME!! I am in awe of your stamp-carving! The images are are SO cute! You are amazing, Pamela! ( I noticed that I had some typos in my previous comment)!

  9. Kirstie Says:

    Wow awesome and inspiring layouts!

  10. Manda Says:

    Just wanted to say that your own stamps are fabulous! You make the carving look so easy, which I can’t imagine it would be!

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