Project Life – Week 18

May 9, 2014

Happy Friday! I’ve been longing for this weekend since forever! Wedding, practices and dates, all scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday! I’m back on Friday to bring you my latest PL spread.


This spread didn’t start out as one of my favourites. No bright pastel colours. Lots of black and neutral colours.


I really wanted to use this gorgeous card for the title. I used my Cameo to cut out the digital stamp “hello” from Camelot.


I love adding those rub-ons onto the cork stickers!


I think this quickly became another of my favourite PL spread because Kim Soo Hyun is there. Maybe…..


Lots of XO’s for Kim Soo Hyun ♥ Oh and there’s me too.


We got a little bit of sunshine this week so I thought it was about time I use that wood veneer from Gertrude.


There you have it. My latest spread and I’m all up to date! I still have some leftover cards from the previous PL kits but I’ve pretty much used up 90% of the embellishments. Patiently waiting for Camelot to come!


2 Responses to “Project Life – Week 18”

  1. Yay for weddings! I was excited to spy the flower package that I saw on Wida’s blog last night … so you’re the lucky one!! And wow, amazing drawing on your coffee cup!!!

  2. Shannon J Says:

    Another feast for my eyes!! Awesome layouts…I seriously don’t know how you do it!!!

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