Stamp Highlight – Lunar Animals

November 16, 2015

Good morning everyone! I’m here with a card using the Mama Elephant’s newly released rLunar Animals. You can use this stamp set all year round with the adorable animals in this set.

I decided to make an anniversary card for myself to give out next year (I’m only 9 months early ;)) I’m using the scallop circle die from Treat Toppers to first cut an opening where I can put Mr. & Mrs. Dragon inside. I blended some light blue distress ink onto the card base and stamped a sentiment from I Like You.

Mama Elephant - Lunar Animals

I gave a little cherry blossom from Lunar Extras to Mrs. Dragon and a little heart in the middle to finish the card off.

Mama Elephant - Lunar Animals

So what’s with 2 dragons? We were both born in the year of the dragon 🙂


9 Responses to “Stamp Highlight – Lunar Animals”

  1. Ben Williams Says:

    I love the little dragons!! They are so cute, I love that they made a stamp for that!

  2. irene grau Says:

    Too cute!

  3. ucrgradla Says:

    I can always appreciate a good Anniversary card. 🙂

  4. Pam C Says:

    Those dragons are so cute! I love the little details you gave each of them.

  5. Thanh Says:

    Absolutely adorable, Pamela!!! He’ll love it!

  6. Laura Dovalo Says:

    Nice card and such cute dragons! When I was younger I would draw them all the time…

  7. Karen P. Says:

    The Lunar Animals and the scalloped cirle is so cute

  8. Carol Mc Says:

    Cute dragons. Happy Anniversary 9 months early.

  9. brandi17754 Says:

    I love this card, I recently started following you and really love your cards!

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