Okinawa 2015 – Travel Mini

December 24, 2015

Ever since I got my first 4×4 Instagram Album, I’ve been wanting to document a trip. And my trip to Okinawa was the perfect trip to document.

I managed to fit a total of 43 pages into my album and all the pages can be viewed here at my SC gallery and Flickr Album. For my post, I will only be focusing on some of the details of little things that I put in my album, like close-ups of my memorabilia and journaling.

Okinawa Mini - Cover

A few note on the supplies that I use for this mini:

I started off with a map of Okinawa, documenting the places that I visited (in black) and other places that I didn’t visit (in grey).

Okinawa Mini - Map

Starting on day 2, I started to make a little tab and stitched it on the side of the photo or tag to separate each day.

Okinawa Mini

I love to incorporate a lot of memorabilia into my mini and I collected quite a bit of entrance tickets, little booklets and pamphlets during my trip. I included my ticket to the Nago Pineapple Farm, Churaumi Aquarium ticket, train ticket and a Baby Star book from Kokusai-dori into my mini.

Okinawa Mini

Okinawa Mini

I also loved writing on vellum paper so for longer stories, I wrote on a piece of vellum, hole-punched it and slipped it into the album. I also drew a simple picture of what I’m documenting and wrote the address of the place I visited at the bottom.

Okinawa Mini

Okinawa Mini

I also did some journaling on large tags. I carefully peeled off the label from the coffee bag and adhered it to a large tag with a short blurb at the bottom.

Okinawa Mini

There were so many amazing views of the sea including this gorgeous sunset at our first hotel. What a view of Manza Cliff too.

Okinawa Mini

In the mini, I incorporated a lot of digital text into my photos prior to printing them out. I love being able to use any font for my text on the photos. Not to mention I don’t have to worry about using up all my vowels stickers! It was time to say good-bye to Okinawa, but we’re definitely going to be making another trip to this wonderful island.

Okinawa Mini


One Response to “Okinawa 2015 – Travel Mini”

  1. Love you mini…and I also love including ripped-off-labels and broschures in my travel albums

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