Mama Elephant – March Stampede

March 15, 2016

Welcome to the Mama Elephant Release Design Team blog hop!
Our newest release is now live and available for purchase in the store!

Mama Elephant - January Stampedewww.mamaelephant.com

I’m sure the stamp introductions have gotten you all excited for the March release! We’ve got some adorable stamps for planner users and stamps for our regular card makers. For the stampede, I made a card using Whale Wishes and the Ocean Waves creative cuts.

Mama Elephant Mar 2016 Stampede - Whale Wishes

Using post-its, I die cut a few masks using the Ocean Waves creative cuts so that I could blend in my ocean in different colours. I flicked some water and white ink onto the colours so they would look like bubbles in the ocean.

Mama Elephant Mar 2016 Stampede - Whale Wishes - Close Up

I thought the top of the card was a little bare so I brought in some yellow sunlight and made it shine onto the adorable whales that are jumping up.

To celebrate the new release, Mama Elephant is picking 3 winners to win their choice of stamp set! Winners will be chosen at random from the collective blogs in the Stampede. You have up to 4 chances to qualify to win!

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Each action qualifies for one entry, max 4 entries per stampeder please!

Now let’s get on with the Stampede with our amazing designers!
Anna KossakovskayaMelania DeasyVera Rhuhay
Pamela HoNichol MagouirkLaura Bassen


129 Responses to “Mama Elephant – March Stampede”

  1. amy rohl Says:

    OH my word, LOVE this, but those. waves. They’re killin’ me!!

  2. Judie Attard Says:

    Super cute card! ❤

  3. Shelly Says:

    Such a fun and sweet card!!

  4. BeverlyBL Says:

    I love the variations in the waves. Cute card and the sunlight is a perfect touch.

  5. DebSelby Says:

    Great job on the waves, Mama Elephant and great job using them Pamela!

  6. cszekeres Says:

    I love your card, especially the sunshine you added at the last minute to “complete” your design. It’s perfect.

  7. Jan E Says:

    New product releases are the most fun of all! Love seeing it all!

  8. Vinita Jain Says:

    Out of the box thinking, love the style on the waves with white bubbles and perfect sunlight effect!

  9. Michelle Says:

    This is a must have set!! Beautiful card!

  10. Linda S. Says:

    What a wonderful card. I like everything you’ve done.

  11. Wow!! This card is stunning! So britght! It makes me feel happy!

  12. Carmen Says:

    Love the sunray effect your create it wit yout yellow colors. Cute card!

  13. Betsy L. Says:

    Love the whales!

  14. efrat123 Says:

    Great card. Love the colorful waves.

  15. Jean Chaney Says:

    Such a fun and different card!

  16. kartelene531 Says:

    wow very happy card like ti very much thank you for sharing

  17. Tina H Says:

    This is fabulous! Love how you added the sunshine! 🙂

  18. Lisa Stokes Says:

    so cute!!!

  19. Beautiful card!! I love your sunlight effect! And sentiment is just fabulous!!

  20. Marcia Says:

    Sweet card!! Love the ray of sunshine!! Everyone needs a little sunshine!!

  21. Rubina Pantoja Says:

    Love the deep colors you used on your card – makes it really pop!

  22. Casey Thrush Says:

    Oh my goodness this is so cute!!!!! Love that they are playing in the ray of sunshine!

  23. Elisabeth Pocklington Says:

    Absolutely love the ray of sunshine. Adorable card.

  24. Elizabeth Grimball Says:

    I love the the sun streaming down on the ocean and the different color levels of the sea.

  25. Jeanne Treptow Says:

    Cute waves and whales! I haven’t seen those killer whales looks so cute!

  26. Maureen Reiss Says:

    Adorable card!!! Great color blending!!

  27. Farida Says:

    Love this card…the colors are gorgeous but those waves are just perfect!!!

  28. bwalborn Says:

    Fun card. The yellow sunshine spotlight sets it all off.

  29. Marti T Says:

    The yellow sunshine is super cool on this card; a cheerful card for sure!

  30. Chris Baker Cox Says:

    I love the colors you used on this. So bright and cheery.

  31. Chris Baker Cox Says:

    Like/shared on Facebook.

  32. Chris Baker Cox Says:

    Follow/tweeted on Twitter. (@cropmom66)

  33. Chris Baker Cox Says:

    Follow/reposted on Instagram. (@cropmom66)

  34. Nana Griffin Says:

    I like the sun ray on the ocean and whale.

  35. Janet D. Says:

    Great card, such cute images!

  36. Karen B. Says:

    Beuatiful and graphic! Love it!

  37. Janet D. Says:

    I like ME on FB

  38. Katie M Says:

    Super cute. I love the sun giving the whales the spotlight!

  39. Cute card love the whales and the sunshine they are jumping in.

  40. I follow and share ME on FB

  41. I follow and tweeted ME on Twitter

  42. neckstyles Says:

    Just as sweet as a card can be!! Love those darling whales and your coloring is outstanding!


  43. I follow ME on Instagram

  44. LeslieS Says:

    Nicely done! Fund new products!!

  45. annheidel Says:

    Love the sunbeam!

  46. Love the sun shining on the whales.
    they are having so much fun.
    thanks for sharing a cute card.

  47. Jennifer L. Says:

    Such a cool card with the sunbeam! Those whales are adorable.

  48. Dasha Says:

    Pamela you always create stunning card. I love all your designs

  49. Such cute whales =) TFS!

  50. duncan620 Says:

    Such a cute card. Love the sun rays coming down. Anything made with mama elephant always puts a smile on my face:)

  51. Rebecca C. Says:

    Cute card.

  52. Leanne S Says:

    Really cute card!

  53. Ashley Gray Says:

    very cute card! Mama Elephant is one of my favorites!!

  54. Vicki Smith Says:

    E…that’s all I can say!

  55. Mitzi Says:

    Thanks for sharing your fun card & the opportunity to win.

  56. Karen S. Says:

    Such a really fun card. I think this is a great “masculine” card!

  57. 10s4funmom Says:

    Love your card!

  58. Yvonne C. Says:

    Adorable card, love those whales!! Great images for me to use for my son 🙂

  59. What a darling card!!

  60. Carolee Says:

    Your card is so cute!! Love it and this new release:)

  61. Caitlin Says:

    What a sweet card!!!

  62. Ashlee M Says:

    Loving your cute card:)

  63. SabineVDK Says:

    love this card!

  64. D.Ann C Says:

    Super cute and the sunlight spotlight is terrific!

  65. D.Ann C Says:

    Following ME & shared on FB

  66. D.Ann C Says:

    Following ME and tweeted on Twitter.

  67. D.Ann C Says:

    Following ME and re-posted on IG.

  68. lisascreativeniche Says:

    Love the ray of sun shinning down on them!

  69. Darcey Says:

    Wonderful card! I love the sunshine shining down.

  70. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    Love the ray of sunshine on these playful whales.

  71. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    I like ME on FB.

  72. Brandi R Says:

    Sweet card! Love those whales and love your scene ♥

  73. Brandi R Says:

    I follow ME on FB ♥

  74. Brandi R Says:

    I follow ME on IG ♥

  75. Brandi R Says:

    I follow ME on Twitter ♥

  76. barbara lassiter Says:

    This is such a cute use of those adorable whales. Love it!

  77. Elise Says:

    This is too cute! I love the varying colors of the sea. Great idea to include the rays of sunshine!

  78. Daria Z. Says:

    Love those cute whales! Your card is so fun.

  79. Holley Downs Says:

    Oh my gosh! I just love these cards! The waves are killers!

  80. Andrea S Says:

    Cute card! Loving the ray of sunshine.

  81. LC Says:

    The Whale Wishes stamp set is so much fun! Glad to see that you featured it on your lovely card. I love the color palette you used. Gorgeous!

  82. Laura Rozsonits Says:

    wonderful card!

  83. Flo Says:

    Very cute. Love the whales.

  84. audrey Says:

    luv your colors and design – great use of the new MME release.

  85. Amante del Papel Says:

    beautiful scene!

  86. Patty Says:

    Super cute card.

  87. Krissie Says:

    Just love the super cute scene you created.

  88. Ann Says:

    This is just adorable. Love the whale set.

  89. Patty Says:

    Oh my, this is just a super adorable card. Love it.

  90. Gail Plaskiewicz Says:

    The whales look like they are dancing! I love that! I also love how you used the sunlight to highlight the whales. Great idea! Yellow is my favorite color so I am glad to see it in here. I love this card! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m waiting for my prize! LOL

  91. zarischka Says:

    Love the clean lines of this card, and he way you coloured those whales is just adorable! Super cute!

  92. love your card very cute

  93. sonya Says:

    Really nice love the new whale stamp set, it is my favourite.

  94. maureenchandler Says:

    Very cute card – sunshine is a great idea!!

  95. Jamie Says:

    Neat background! Thanks for sharing:)

  96. Jan G Says:

    Super cute!

  97. Jane Says:

    Adorable card Pamela.

  98. cmayne Says:

    Pamela, what a marvelous ocean scene you’ve created with your sweet whales frolicking in the waves, under the sunny sky! Gorgeous! Makes me want to head your direction to see the whales in real life! Thank you for the smile today!

  99. kjtfarris Says:

    The white ink makes the whales look like they are having a fun time splashing about. Love it.

  100. Amazing cards with all the colors in the waves and the whales,

  101. Nikki Says:

    Such a cute card.

  102. rkokes Says:

    LOVE the coloring on this-especially those waves!!!

  103. Ann K Says:

    Great design. The water and light are awesome.

  104. Stephanie Z Says:

    Your whale card is just so cute and wonderful!

  105. Tess L Says:

    Love the bold and the beautiful colors you choose!

  106. ksalido Says:

    Such a cute card!!

  107. Laarni Verdolin Says:

    Love the playful ocean scene. Your color choices are deep and rich, great card for guys.

  108. Nancee56 Says:

    Love this! Such great colors too!

  109. Carol H. Says:

    Your card is awesome!! Especially like the waves!

  110. Kim Faucher Says:

    Love the ocean wave colors… This stamp set looks so fun!!!

  111. Christine R Says:

    I love this whale stamp set!

  112. Jen Petersen Says:

    Loving the whale stamp set! Your scene is beautiful. I love the bold ocean colors and the ray of sunshine!

  113. PaperDoll Says:

    I know that you didn’t “have” to color the whales, but I’m glad you did… it’s more realistic this way (& beautiful!). Love it!

  114. Sue D Says:

    Cute. I like the ray of sun and the ocean waves.

  115. Wow! Absolutely gorgeus!!!!

  116. MarciaC Says:

    Great cards – thanks.

  117. cardsbymo Says:

    So cute! I love the way the sun rays reflect onto their chins!

  118. mandalj Says:

    Beautiful card – the waves are just lovely!

  119. mandalj Says:

    I like and have shared on FB (not.amanda)

  120. mandalj Says:

    I follow and have shared on Instagram (not_magda)

  121. Kate B Says:

    This is such a great card!!

  122. Maria Says:

    Love the rich, deep colours! Beautiful card!

  123. Kit Says:

    I love the colors. Great card.

  124. Marianne Says:

    Such a fun card. Love how you decided to add some sunshine.

  125. Mimi r Says:

    Super fun card!

  126. Mimi r Says:

    I follow ME on FB

  127. BunnyD Says:

    Oh I love the cheery pink cheeks on your orcas! So cute!

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