Stamp Highlight – Pix’s Favorites

April 21, 2016

Hello everyone! I’m super excited about today’s Stamp Highlight since we are highlighting the first stamp I designed for Mama Elephant today! If you follow me on instagram, you might’ve noticed the occasional hastag #adventuresofpix. I started drawing a little bunny on some Starbucks white cups and after a few cups, I thought it might make a good stamp set.  This little bunny calls herself Pix (short for Pixelette) and you’ll be seeing her around again.  And there you have it, Pix’s first stamp set is released – Pix’s Favorites.

I masked off different widths of stripes across the card base and blended different pinks and purples directly onto the card. I flicked some white paint and water splatters to create a dreamy effect on the card. I also drew some dots onto the card using my glitter pen so it would shine in some angles.

Mama Elephant - Pix's Favorites

This is definitely my favorite Pix. Actually, it might be a close tie with coffee Pix, but I really really love her ribbon here 🙂 I finished off the card with a simple (and very appropriate!) sentiment from Oh Happy Birds.

Mama Elephant - Pix's Favorites - Close

I’ve been seeing a lot of cards with Pix on instagram these days and I really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart! It’s amazing to see what you guys do with little Pix!

Thanks for stopping by!


2 Responses to “Stamp Highlight – Pix’s Favorites”

  1. Tracy Jensen Says:

    Pix is so adorable. I love your card. You are so talented.

  2. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    Congratulations on this cute first set…Pix is adorable. Cant wait to see what you create next.

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