Mama Elephant – August Stampede

August 15, 2016

Welcome to the Mama Elephant Release Design Team blog hop!
Our newest release is now live and available for purchase in the store!

Mama Elephant - January Stampedewww.mamaelephant.com

Good morning everyone! Did you miss us last month? To compensate for that, we have an amazing release this month with something for everyone! The school year is starting soon so we have Page Huggers that’s perfect for back-to-school gifts!

I made a card featuring Page Huggers finished off with a sentiment from Words Defined. I couldn’t decide which little critter to use to for this project, I decided to use Mr. Rabbit with his carrots. You’ll see Mr. Mouse and Miss Kitty showing up in my next projects soon!

Mama Elephant - Page Huggers

I blended in a light blue behind the sentiment to give it a splash of colours. Then I adhered the carrots on the top and bottom of the sentiment, as though carrots are growing out from behind.

Mama Elephant - Page Huggers

To celebrate the new release, Mama Elephant is picking 3 winners to win their choice of stamp set! Winners will be chosen at random from the collective blogs in the Stampede. You have up to 4 chances to qualify to win!

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Each action qualifies for one entry, max 4 entries per stampeder please!

Now let’s get on with the Stampede with our amazing designers!
Anna KossakovskayaMelania DeasyVera Rhuhay
Pamela HoNichol MagouirkLaura Bassen


126 Responses to “Mama Elephant – August Stampede”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Those page huggers are my fave!

  2. wida Says:

    I am so in love with this set and this card. The coloring on it is amazing. It is so vivid. great design.

  3. Margarita Says:

    Beautiful, fun card! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Hema Says:

    Love the new release! All of them are so cute .

  5. Michelle V Says:

    Sweet card..

  6. Meg Crawford Says:

    Nice example of how to use the Page Huggers.

  7. hsmom24kids Says:

    I love your card! Such a cute bunny

  8. Brenda in IN Says:

    Bright colors and a sweet bunny. Very cute card.

  9. rstoneham Says:

    Great card.& such a cute stamp set.

  10. Lori Ellen Says:

    Adorable card! Always love your work!

  11. So cute!!! That. Bunny is adorable. Love the card design!

  12. Ashwini Says:

    Absolutely cute and amazing card! Love that bunny and that bold sentiment!

  13. kkboydstun Says:

    Such a cute card!!!

  14. Scrappy Teacher Says:

    Those page hungers really are super cute!

  15. Very cute bunny card

  16. Laurie B Says:

    So so cute!! Fun card design !

  17. This is super adorable! Love the little bunny!

  18. Mary Holshouser Says:

    Love how the bunny is looking over the “fence”
    The carrots hanging out from the bottom are cute.
    thanks for sharing a fun card.

  19. Pooja Says:

    Lovely card using page huggers !

  20. Kelly B Says:

    So cute! Love these stamps!

  21. Teresa Says:

    These are so cute!

  22. Jane Says:

    Adorable card Pamela!

  23. Marta Says:

    Such a cool layout and sentiment.

  24. nikki Says:

    Cute card. Really like those page huggers.

  25. Connie Hewitt Says:

    You page huggers are amazing. Love the details you put even in the carrots. Beautiful.

  26. Carla Hundley Says:

    Love the bunny on
    your cute card!
    Carla from Utah

  27. GalinaY Says:

    Mr.Rabbit is adorable! Coloring cute!

  28. Brenda West Says:

    Cute way to display this new stamp set from Momma Elephant! I like the definitions added.

  29. Heather Innusa Says:

    Your card is so stinkin cute!!!!! Love it love it love it!

  30. Ms_Mac Says:

    Fun card! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Carol Ric Says:

    Adorable! Such cute page huggers.

  32. Maureen Reiss Says:

    OMG!! this is Super Cute!!

  33. ssonnier2015 Says:

    Love these page hangers!

  34. Deepa Lakshman Says:

    That is so cute. I like the carrots hanging over.

  35. Karen B. Says:

    I really like the Page Hugger critters!

  36. Jimmie Whitt Says:

    Love your ‘Amazing’ card.

  37. Jan B Says:

    Another awesome card made by you.

  38. Judie Attard Says:

    Unbelievably cute card!!!

  39. Iris Esther López Says:

    Super cute card. Adorable bunny.

  40. Iris Esther López Says:

    I like and shared on Facebook.

  41. Iris Esther López Says:

    I follow and tweeted on Twitter.

  42. Iris Esther López Says:

    I follow on Instagram.

  43. Carolee McCaslin Says:

    Oh wow your card is so cute!!! Love it and Mama Elephant:)

  44. Caitlin Rebecca Says:

    DARLING card!!

  45. Ashlee Diane Says:

    Such a sweet card!!

  46. Karen B. Says:

    What a cute and clever idea and card!

  47. Leah Ann Says:

    Awe so cute, love the bunnies!

  48. jayell1 Says:

    Love this release especially these page huggers

  49. susan hatfield Says:

    What an adorable Mama Elephant Stamp and card. You are so creative!

  50. Kitty T Says:

    Love the beautful ink blending. These stamps are adorable!

  51. Teresa Godines Says:

    Very cute!!! TFS

  52. NatQuebec Says:

    So cute, this bunny is adorable ! 💟

  53. DebbieC Says:

    Great card. Super cute pager huggers with the dangling carrots. I like how you used a soft color to highlight the sentiment.

  54. CarrieP Says:

    So cute! These page huggers are a must-have! Love the coloring you did on your bunny and carrots!

  55. Sandy Says:

    The bunny came out so sweet. I want to kiss his little head!

  56. Woendi Levitt Says:

    Cute cute. The blue is just enough color. Im falling in love with this word definition set.

  57. Daria Zender Says:

    Love the subtle background – it really lets that sweet bunny shine!

  58. Such a beauty!! Love the bunny page hugger with the blue peeking underneath!

  59. gwenyt Says:

    Super cute! Love the bunny and the carrots!

  60. BeverlyBL Says:

    These Page Huggers are so cute. Love your bunny and look forward to your future projects.

  61. Cynthia Cole Says:

    Love your card!

  62. What a cute card! I’m gonna have to have this bunny!

  63. mandalj Says:

    Such a cute bunny – you’ve shown her off perfectly with this wonderful card!

  64. mandalj Says:

    I like and have shared on FB (not.amanda)!

  65. mandalj Says:

    I follow on Instagram (not_magda)!

  66. Shirley N Says:

    This is such a great release. Your card is adorable!

  67. someluckydog Says:

    The page huggers are adorable!

  68. Rowena M. Says:

    Such a cute and fun card!!! Another cute stamps mama elephant :)))

  69. Debbie Bassett Says:

    So stinking cute!!! I love the page Huggins!!!!

  70. craftcradle Says:

    What a fun and adorable design! Thanks for the inspiration!

  71. Tallie Says:

    Love those page huggers and your creative design. 🙂

  72. kaydesigns Says:

    Page markers make wonderful gifts! So inspirational!

  73. beckywelty Says:

    So cute! Love the page huggers!

  74. Jean Chaney Says:

    I just love what you did with these delightful page huggers!

  75. Candice L. Says:

    Just adorable!! The Page Huggers are truly cute creation!

  76. Denise Bryant Says:

    Absolutely adorable! Love that sweet bunny! The Page Huggers are so fun!

  77. Holley Downs Says:

    Love the card! You are so creative!

  78. Eva Says:

    So cute and funny!!! I love your card 😉

  79. scrapEva Says:

    I follow ME on facebook

  80. scrapeva28 Says:

    I follow ME on instagram 😉

  81. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    So cute! Love that bunny!

  82. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    I follow ME on Facebook.

  83. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    I follow ME on Instagram.

  84. Super Stick Chick Says:

    Love your bunny in with the carrots.

  85. Super Stick Chick Says:

    I liked and shared on FB.

  86. Pai Meng Says:

    love the bunny!

  87. Jane Sirak Says:

    I love the way you guys are making the card so there is something peeking out from behind it just makes it extra special and so very very cute

  88. D.Ann C Says:

    So stinkin’ cute! LOVE the page huggers and the definitions and the way you did the carrots!!

  89. D.Ann C Says:

    I’ve liked and shared ME on FB.

  90. D.Ann C Says:

    Following ME and tweeted on Twitter.

  91. D.Ann C Says:

    Following ME and posted on IG.

  92. Barbara N. Says:

    I just adore this litte rabbit image.

  93. Stephanie Says:

    Fun card and a great sentiment!

  94. Nina Says:

    These cards are so adorable!

  95. Brithzi Sandy Says:

    Very cute card!

  96. Sue D Says:

    This is adorable!

  97. Laurie Says:

    Very cute! I like the definition stamp.

  98. karen marie hansen Says:

    such a cute rabbit with his little carrots!!

  99. Caren C. Says:

    So cute!

  100. 1. Wow! Your card is absolutely adorable!!!

  101. 3. Following Mama Elephant on Twitter and just retweetted as @raggiodiluce82 (Arianna Barbara).

  102. 4. Follow Mama Elephant on Instagram and reposted the Stampede post as raggiodiluc3 https://www.instagram.com/p/BJPy5xEAn61/

  103. Mary-Anne V Says:

    Adorable Mr. Rabbit. ..love the soft blending.

  104. Mary-Anne V Says:

    I like ME on FB.

  105. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    I follow ME follow on Instagram.

  106. Rowen M. Says:

    Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Love these huggers stamps!!!

  107. Laurie Newbigging Says:

    So cute!

  108. Lindarub Says:

    Love your card.

  109. Amazing card indeed. Always love your coloring and clean and simple design

  110. Angie Hall Says:

    I like the concept of the page huggers. Your card is so cute. Thanks

  111. Angie Hall Says:

    I follow Mama Elephant on facebook.

  112. Miriam Prantner Says:

    This is such a cute card! I love that little bunny and a great definition!

  113. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I like ME on FB

  114. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I follow ME on IG

  115. Brandi R Says:

    Eeeep! Absolutely adorable!! ♥

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