Designer Series – Cute Basket

March 3, 2017

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I’m with Mama Elephant today for a cute project using the Cute Basket creative cuts. This basket is just perfect for dressing up little gifts or for children projects for the upcoming Easter!

First, I cut 2 pieces of the basket. Each basket is built using 2 pieces, 1 for each side. These are secured using brads… so if you have boxes of unused brads, this is where you can use it on!

DS - Cute Basket - 1

Now to assemble my basket! I also cut out a scallop handle and a regular handle using white and pattern paper. I love the adorable scallop fringe!

DS - Cute Basket - 2

Now it’s time to dress up my cute basket! I used an oldie but goodie stamp set Bloomsies for the fancy banner.

DS - Cute Basket - 3

Next, I add a little bit more but colouring these cuties from Carried Away.

DS - Cute Basket - 4

Now to put my little gift into the basket and it’s off to a friend!

DS - Cute Basket - 5

Thanks for stopping by!


6 Responses to “Designer Series – Cute Basket”

  1. mkskinkare Says:

    Adorable little basket! Love the sentiment and kids!

  2. Patricia M Says:

    Those baskets are realy fun and useful!

  3. littlesavedgirl Says:

    Oh that really is a great little basket 😆, I’d find lots to do with that !

  4. sharon Says:

    Fun and cute little basket!

  5. Sabrinna Says:

    oh wow!!! that is sooo cute! it fits them little totoros! thanks for sharing!

  6. Penny Says:

    Love the little basket!!

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