Designer Series – Dim Sum Fun

June 23, 2017

Good morning everyone! I am on the Mama Elephant‘s blog for a simple and fun card using Dim Sum Fun. Since I’m Chinese, I love this stamp set and I’m laughing as I colour in those adorable dim sum!

I wanted a colourful, but simple background for my card base so I decided to do some simple plaid blending/masking. I love doing these backgrounds because (1) they are really really easy and (2) I don’t have to worry about the alignment or not getting a good coverage with a stripe stamp.

DS - Dim Sum - 1

I peel off the masking tape and I turn the card around and start taping the other way.

DS - Dim Sum - 2

I’ve coloured and die cut these cuties and I start arranging them on my card. With 9 types of dim sum, it would be a perfect 3×3 grid.

DS - Dim Sum - 3

I stamped this punny sentiment out and cut out a rectangle that would fit perfectly between the first and second row of dim sums.

DS - Dim Sum - 4

What’s your favourite dim sum? My favourite would definitely be the steamed bunny buns!

DS - Dim Sum - 5

Thanks for stopping by!


One Response to “Designer Series – Dim Sum Fun”

  1. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    Love how you created the plaid fir this cute card.

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