Mama Elephant – January Stampede

January 15, 2018

Welcome to the Mama Elephant Release Design Team blog hop!
Our newest release is now live and available for purchase in the store!

Mama Elephant - January Stampedewww.mamaelephant.com

Happy 2018!!! I’m so glad to be back in 2018 with Mama Elephant again! I took a small little break to take care of my newly adopted dog, so imagine how happy I was when I saw this newly released set – The Dog’s Woof!

Stampede - The Dog's Woof

I wanted to create a one-layer card, so I pulled out my pencil crayons and got creative with the doggies.

To celebrate the new release, Mama Elephant is picking 3 winners to win their choice of stamp set! Winners will be chosen at random from the collective blogs in the Stampede. You have up to 4 chances to qualify to win!

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Each action qualifies for one entry, max 4 entries per stampeder please!

Now let’s get on with the Stampede with our amazing designers!
Anna KossakovskayaVera Rhuhay
Pamela HoNichol SpohrLaura Bassen, Amy Yang


124 Responses to “Mama Elephant – January Stampede”

  1. Betty Sue Says:

    Cutest puppies ever!

  2. Cute card! And congrats on your new dog!

  3. Heather King Says:

    Thanks for sharing! These little guys are super cute and I love the coloring!

  4. Jennifer Kinney Says:

    Such a sweet card.

  5. BeverlyBL Says:

    Love how you colored the pups. Such a cute card. Less dogs is clever, too. I always think I have to use the whole stamp, and less dogs means less coloring.😁

  6. Kelly B Says:

    Love this card!

  7. 1. Love your card! It’s so cute!!!

  8. 3. Following Mama Elephant on Twitter and just retweetted as @raggiodiluce82 (Arianna Barbara): https://twitter.com/raggiodiluce82/status/952922749424558080

  9. Maria Says:

    Super cute!!!

  10. Jan Elmore Says:

    Doggies are always in style. Love your card!

  11. DGolly Says:

    Cute card. Love those puppy’s in the crowd.

  12. Laura j Says:

    These puppies are too cute! Great coloring & card!

  13. Karen Hale Says:

    Darling card!

  14. Jane Says:

    Love your adorable card!

  15. Deborah Meyer Says:

    Very cute card.

  16. Sue D Says:

    Very fun–I like how you colored all of the dogs.

  17. Angela W Says:

    This is my favorite stamp and die set from this release. As a dog lover, it’s a must have set!

  18. What an adorable and sweet card! Love it 🙂
    All 4 steps done 🙂 Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us!

  19. sentsue Says:

    Puppy party how fun!

  20. momrc Says:

    Super cute – love all those little puppies.

  21. I really don’t think I’m gonna be able to resist the Dog-woofs stamp….

  22. Jules Says:

    SO cute! Love that stamp set and really like how you made each dog unique with your coloring!

  23. Lucille K Says:

    The Dog’s Woof, my favorite set from the new release. Your card is a gem, just love it 🙂

  24. Isabelle Says:

    Your card is lovely ! I was waiting for this stamp, I’ve got already the cats’ version and I’m very happy to see the doggy’s.

  25. Trina P. Says:

    Welcome back to ME. You started off with a user cute card.

  26. Barbara Chmura Says:

    I have the cats, the snowmen and now I have to get the doggies! Great card!

  27. Linda M. Says:

    Such an adorable card! I can’t wait to get this stamp set!

  28. Oliev Says:

    Super sweet card!

  29. Therese Angelini Says:

    I’ve been waiting for these puppies! Love the card.

  30. Nora N. Says:

    I LOVE those little puppies!! Such a CUTE card!!! I need this stamp set!

  31. Stephanie Z Says:

    Super cute dog card – just like the cat and snowman scene 🙂

  32. Patt H. Says:

    Awesome card! Love the simplicity & your great coloring on the adorable pups!

  33. Cacia Says:

    It’s so bright and cheerful, and I love the little confetti in the background—it really completes the card.

  34. Mary-Anne V. Says:

    I love this group of fun doggies! Wonderful card with lots of white space.

  35. So fun, this is my favorite of the entire release this month!

  36. Amy M. Says:

    Very cute card Pamela!

  37. Pai Says:

    those pups are so fun!

  38. Sue Washburne Says:

    Super fun card! Love your puppy crowd!

  39. I liked and shared on my Facebook page here : https://lc.cx/gmyM

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  42. Nana Griffin Says:

    Aww so cute.

  43. F. Andre Says:

    Loving these little cuties and your colouring. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Denise F. Says:

    Loved the kitty stamp, so the puppies are a must buy.

  45. Carolyn S Says:

    What a fun little doggie flash mob!

  46. Carrie Erickson Says:

    Cute card! Congrats on the new puppy!

  47. María Alba Negrón Says:

    Sweet card!

  48. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    Yes, this stamp is my favorite! Cute card!

  49. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    I follow ME on Facebook.

  50. blissfullyscrappy Says:

    I follow ME on Instagram.

  51. Jeanne Beam Says:

    Such a cute card. Love the puppies. Thanks for sharing…

  52. Carolee McCaslin Says:

    LOVE your cute doggy card!!

  53. Janet D. Says:

    It’s party time, indeed!!

  54. Michelle Hackett Says:

    This is so cute. Animal cards just make me melt.

  55. Helen Says:

    So cute–like that group of animals. tfs

  56. Martha R Says:

    Love your cute card!

  57. photomommn Says:

    The dog stamp is so adorable!!

  58. Denise Bryant Says:

    Love those cute pups! I wonder which one looks most like yours! Adorable stamp!

  59. Such a cute card!!!!

  60. I follow Mama Elephant on FB

  61. I follow Mama Elephant on Instagram

  62. Carla Hundley Says:

    Message left
    on Instagram.
    Carla from Utah

  63. Carla Hundley Says:

    Message left
    on Facebook.
    Carla from Utah

  64. Carla Hundley Says:

    Congrats on your
    new doggie and
    your card is
    Carla from Utah

  65. pamboe Says:

    This is my favorite stamp of this fabulous release. I am ordering it and keeping your card for ideas of different ways to color all of those puppies.

  66. Linda S. in NE Says:

    Congratulations on your new dog! You will be rewarded for the rest of his/her life for your kindness. Love your card featuring the gang.

  67. Kathy Ferguson Says:

    Love your puppy card. I’m just partial to dogs!

  68. Cathy Lillie Says:

    I’m a big fan of one layer cards, so thank you for that! Such a cute card and stamp set. The dog with his tongue hanging out is my favorite! It goes great with the sentiment! And thanks for adopting!!!

  69. Kate B Says:

    Adorable card – I love all those dog images! And congrats on your new puppy!!

  70. Gab Says:

    That doggy card is just so cute!

  71. Sarah Nelson Says:

    I absolutely love those dogs! Such a cute card!

  72. DeAnn Says:

    Love this card! The doggy group is adorable!

  73. LC Lamothe Says:

    So fun! I love it!

  74. justMarie Says:

    Super cute card! Love the doggies.

  75. 4. Follow Mama Elephant on Instagram and reposted the Stampede post as raggiodiluc3: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeAaZJQllQ5/?taken-by=raggiodiluc3

  76. OMG!! All those different puppies are so adorable!!

  77. Phi Says:

    Those little dogs are just adorable!

  78. Becca Yahrling Says:

    lol I love the pup with his tongue hanging out – so funny!!
    Adorable card.

  79. Paula Haller Says:

    love the way you colored your “pack”!

  80. Oh beyond adorable! I’ve been hoping and praying for this doggy version! LOL

  81. I also follow on Instagram

  82. I like and follow on Facebook too!

  83. Gilu Says:

    So so cute! I love The dog’s woof stamp set

  84. Stacey Says:

    Super cute! Love the doggies!

  85. kathy dumpert Says:

    Thanks for creating a cute sample with the adorable dog stamp set.

  86. Stacey Says:

    Those pups are adorable, cute card.

  87. cyndi morris Says:

    Love that sweet card. Those dogs really look like they’re having a good time.

  88. Love it! Love this stamp with the snowmen, and love it even more with the doggies 🙂

  89. jayell1 Says:

    This is my favourite Mama Elephant release ever! Love your card.

  90. Sophie Farah Says:

    I just love this super fun card! This stamp is my favorite from the release and you made such a cute card!!!

  91. Heather Mills Says:

    This is so adorable!! I love how you’ve colored them to match different dog breeds, specially that Rottie/Dobbie in the front; his brown eyebrows are awesome!

  92. Amante del Papel Says:

    your card is so beautiful!!! I love it!

  93. audrey Says:

    luv your coloring

  94. Serendipidade de papel Says:

    Really fun card!

  95. D.Ann C Says:

    Love this precious pile of pups!

  96. D.Ann C Says:

    I like ME on fb and shared.

  97. D.Ann C Says:

    Follow ME on IG and shared.

  98. Awww so cute, love these doggies!

  99. Sammi Houp Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is too cute! Love it

    Sammibug aka Samantha Houp aka Sammi Houp aka Sammi

  100. Denise Ward Says:

    This is a really great one-layer card!! The puppies (wonderfully colored!) and the fun sentiment definitely evoke a celebratory feeling!! 🙂

  101. Laurie B Says:

    Love your card.

  102. scrappyrat Says:

    Love your one-layer card. I haven’t got much experience making these, but the more I see cool ones like yours, the more inspired I get to try. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  103. Memoriesbymanda Says:

    Cute card. The doggie crowd stamp set is really cute.

  104. Memoriesbymanda Says:

    I follow Mama Elephant on Instagram: @memoriesbymanda

  105. Memoriesbymanda Says:

    I follow Mama Elephant on Facebook too

  106. mandalj Says:

    Is there another word for cute? I want to say cute because this card is, but you must be sick of reading that by now!

  107. Stacey Kowbel Says:

    Fabulous card! I love those dogs!

  108. Stacy V Says:

    I love how everyone is using this stamp set. Great card 🙂

  109. Hamutal Shafrir Says:

    Lovely card! Great coloring!


    Your card is so cute, the dogs are great colours and I like the polka dot background, almost like a dalmation x

  111. FeM Says:

    Wow your cards are so cute.

  112. Andrea H Says:

    Brilliant cards just love them. Have liked and shared on Facebook. Have tweeted on Twitter. Have tweeted on Instagram and finally made a comment on here hahaha lol. 🤣😁😀

  113. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Love that there is a dog version now, so cute!!!

  114. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I like ME on FB

  115. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I follow ME on twitter and tweeted: https://twitter.com/MiriamPrantner/status/956332379316064256

  116. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I follow ME on IG

  117. Jeanne Beam Says:

    Cute card. Thanks for sharing…

  118. Paula Desmarais Says:

    OMG I love your card, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  119. Nana Griffin Says:

    Aaw. So sweet.

  120. Jen Scott Says:

    Delightful and sweet card! The puppies are super cute.

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