Stampede – November Stampede

November 15, 2016

Welcome to the Mama Elephant Release Design Team blog hop!
Our newest release is now live and available for purchase in the store!

Mama Elephant - January Stampedewww.mamaelephant.com

Good morning everyone! Hope your October was full of excitement and inspiration! And we’re back again for Mama Elephant‘s November release!

For my project, I’m using the adorable Little Cat Agenda stamps as well as the tag die from Bowtiful Tags to dress up some washi tapes as a present to a friend. I stamped these adorable cats on the tags and masked them off before blending in all the dots for the background using the Fine Trimmings. This is one of my favourite die to dress up my cards!

Mama Elephant Stampede - Little Cat Agenda

To celebrate the new release, Mama Elephant is picking 3 winners to win their choice of stamp set! Winners will be chosen at random from the collective blogs in the Stampede. You have up to 4 chances to qualify to win!

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Each action qualifies for one entry, max 4 entries per stampeder please!

Now let’s get on with the Stampede with our amazing designers!
Anna KossakovskayaMelania DeasyVera Rhuhay
Pamela HoNichol MagouirkLaura Bassen

88 Responses to “Stampede – November Stampede”

  1. Michelle Griffin Says:


  2. Hi! This is Marina, from Spain. Those tags are so much fun! I think the dies are just the perfect size and the stamps match them too! The idea of using the dotted stamp as backgound is so clever! Thank you for the inspiration! Best regards,

  3. Deepa Lakshman Says:

    Perfect little tags and very cute.

  4. B. Robles Says:

    Super cute tags!

  5. Carla Hundley Says:

    Great looking tags
    with the dots on them.
    Cute kitties also.
    Carla from Utah

  6. Lori Says:

    So cute tags!

  7. Monique van Duren-van der Meer Says:

    OMG how totally cute are your tags. Love the little kitties 😃. Love the dotted lines!

  8. Jen Petersen Says:

    Absolutely darling!

  9. Pooja Says:

    So cute I loved the dotty bg too 🙂

  10. Sharon Gullikson Says:

    Just adorable! I love the dots, too.

  11. Kit A Says:

    These tags are adorable. Such a cute set.

  12. Jean Chaney Says:

    Those kitties are soooo cute!

  13. This is super fun and totally cute! Love it!

  14. Pai Meng Says:

    what a sweet gift!

  15. So cute! Awesome staging too

  16. Laura JOHNSTON Says:

    I love these tags!

  17. Jan Elmore Says:

    Tags are just crazy fun this year…..how adorable!

  18. Magda Says:

    more tags, hurray

  19. Liz McAllister Says:

    Those kittys are so perfect for the tags

  20. Mags B Says:

    Cute tags, and cute kitties! x

  21. Amy Ames Says:

    Pamela your gust tag is adorable!! This new stamp set is super sweet 😊

  22. francesca Says:

    super cute packaging!! Love the tag!! 🙂

  23. Adorable little tags. They are so fun!

  24. ssonnier2015 Says:

    OMG so cute

  25. Martha R Says:

    Thank you for the fun ideas for tags!

  26. Mary H. Says:

    Your tags are so cute and great way to present a gift!

  27. Maddie Mc Says:

    Your tag is just so cute!! Love it and Mama Elephant:)

  28. NatQuebec Says:

    Such an adorable tag , these stsmps are so cute and versatile. Love them !

  29. Sharon Mesdag Says:

    You dressed them up so well, fantastic colouring too.

  30. Rowena M. Says:

    Absolutely amazing

  31. mandalj Says:

    Lovely tag – what a lovely present!

  32. mandalj Says:

    I’ve shared on FB (not.amanda)!

  33. mandalj Says:

    I follow ME on Instagram and have shared (not_magda).

  34. So cute. Can never have enough tags.

  35. Mimi R Says:

    Super cute kitties on those tags!

  36. audrey Says:

    awesome tags!

  37. Hamutal Shafrir Says:

    How sweet! Love the dots!

  38. 1. Oh my!!! Love your tags!!! Super cute!!!

  39. 3. Following Mama Elephant on Twitter and just retweetted as @raggiodiluce82 (Arianna Barbara): https://twitter.com/raggiodiluce82/status/798540559501627392

  40. 4. Follow Mama Elephant on Instagram and reposted the Stampede post as raggiodiluc3 https://www.instagram.com/p/BM3LSv3g4UB/

  41. Eileen L Says:

    So cute!

  42. Revital Zuckerstein Says:

    These kittens are so adorable! Great tags!

  43. Too cute and love your coloring!!

  44. Super sweet tag and beautiful coloring!!

  45. Nana Griffin Says:

    So cute!

  46. BunnyD Says:

    What adorable tags with the dots! Of course the tiny kitties are the cherry on top. Lovely project!

  47. Regina Says:

    Lovely tag

  48. Your tag is super cute! This little cat set is just adorable.

  49. Sue LD Says:

    Cute way to give this gift.

  50. Angelique Vela Says:

    Those cats are, too, doggone adorable! Your gift looks super cute.

  51. Majda Says:

    Lovely tags! So cute.

  52. Laurie Says:

    Very cute tags! Love the colors you used and, of course, the kitties!!

  53. Angela W Says:

    I love the little cat cutting the paper to make a heart! Those kittens are so sweet!

  54. They are so cute and adorable.

  55. Gina Says:

    Can’t wait to buy gifts just so I can make some of these tags!

  56. byulgzr Says:

    Such a cute tag!! 🙂

  57. Super love ! Love the tag you made with the cute kitty

  58. Kary Says:

    So very cute!!!

  59. Preety Says:

    awwww love the tag!

  60. Tracy Says:

    Really cute, love these kitties.

  61. Kate B Says:

    Cute tag! I like the dotted background, too!

  62. maureenchandler Says:

    What a great tag to go along with your sweet gift! Thanks for sharing your clever idea!

  63. D.Ann C Says:

    I am totally smitten by those adorable wee kittens on your tag and the toy one, too!! >^.^<

  64. D.Ann C Says:

    I like ME and shared the Stampede on FB.

  65. D.Ann C Says:

    I follow ME on Twitter and retweeted the Stampede.

  66. D.Ann C Says:

    I follow ME on Instagram and reposted.

  67. Caren C. Says:

    Lovely tag for a lively gift!

  68. Patt H. Says:

    Such a cute tag idea! Love the adorable kittens!

  69. jessicak Says:

    I love using card dies with my cards too. The little cat planner stamps are perfect for those!

  70. Nina Says:

    Adorable tags!

  71. Martha Berry Says:

    I love the background dotted lines on both tags! Kitkats rule:)

  72. Judie Attard Says:

    Love the little kitties!!!

  73. Judie Attard Says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  74. Judie Attard Says:

    Following on Twitter!

  75. Judie Attard Says:

    Following on Instagram!!

  76. beckyhel Says:

    Cute tag and great gift idea too!

  77. Janelle Says:

    Love… love, love the cats 🐱 and polka dots!!

  78. Those kittens are so cute!!!! Love this stamp set

  79. Nana Griffin Says:

    A nice tag.

  80. rhowell2 Says:

    Adorable tags, and love the peek at the washi tape too

  81. Trina P. Says:

    Absolutely adorable.

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